Today I’m hunkered down  in my basement  supposedly doing  admin paperwork for my business…just sayin I hate this part of my business but its gotta be done. I get easily distracted by the fabulous photos on instagram or the diy’s I just gotta try on pinterest  I’m listening to the wind whip around my house and  tapping against my windows  trying to squeeze into my home and it makes me daydream. I can across this fabulous picture on I can imagine myself sitting on this little sofa with a chilled flute of  kir royal bubbly waiting for me on the table , a cozy pillow to rest against a fur rug under my feet to warm my toes and a hot pink wall behind me that says hello no bland and boring in this photo. Ahh much better than doing paperwork in the basement.




I came across this article of the 10 top kitchens for 2016 that I thought I’d share with you. It has a few of my definite musts for a kitchen. The first rule for me is always timeless and classic when designing a kitchen space but it also needs to reflect your personality . I love the pop of green in the counter chairs . Pantone , a major color forecaster, has chosen  a fresh outdoorsy green as its colour of the year for 2017 . It’s used in a fun accent colour that can be changed easily in this space but doesn’t overpower it .

pantone2017-colour greens

Black and white shows up a few times in the photos , a very classic combination . It can be accented with other pops of colour like in my inspiration photo with the pink wall . I love the mix of metals in the photos and especially the appearance of copper. Metals and especially copper are still trending and follow the rose gold trend in jewellery that is still going  strong.


Okay back to paperwork….stay warm ….