I had the opportunity  over the Easter weekend to travel outside of my hometown of Caledon Ontario to the sunny south of Florida. After the incredibly long , cold winter we just had I couldn’t wait!  I really enjoy   looking  at what decorating styles are trending in different areas. I was amazed at the scope of retirement communities available for snow birds. These photographs were taken in the Heritage Bay community about 20 minuets outside of downtown Naples. I use the current trends when staging homes for my clients in the Brampton, Caledon and all points in between, so it was interesting to see that the soft blues and greens that are popular in the frozen north are used in the south with a touch more of the beachy feel. In Florida as you can probably imagine they use more seashells and beach items in the décor then we would use at home in Caledon. These trends could easily be incorporated into a cottage should you be fortunate enough to have a weekend getaway space.


2014-04-13 16.51.26

What little boy or grandchild wouldn’t love this space.

2014-04-13 16.56.25 2014-04-13 16.40.39

I’m loving the trend of the square dining room table. It looks so polished and allows for a very intimate dinner arrangement. I can’t wait to try this in one of my next redesign projects or home staging for living clients.

2014-04-13 16.56.50

In this photo notice the beautiful light tone of the hardwood floors. These homes are continuing the trend of one big space that is multifunctional. Fabulous for entertaining a crowd!


2014-04-13 17.06.22 2014-04-13 17.05.09

The pale blue, white and taupe colour scheme is perfect for year round casual comfort.