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I’m sitting at my computer waiting for the repairman to come once  again to have a look at my dishwasher. It’s roughly two years old and works like it’s 100 years old. I convinced my husband to buy the more expensive dishwasher even though he was leaning towards the cheaper model. Just like I should have listened to him about using a white subway tile backsplash in my kitchen. I went with a more trendy tile and now kinda of regret it. The subway tile could be considered  slightly boring but I learned recently at a True Color Expert course with Maria Killam that sometimes boring means timeless. You only need one look at me finish in your kitchen and that is usually your counter tops. If you don’t want to be replacing your backsplash every few years my advice to my redesign and home staging clients in my business in the GTA and Caledon is to choose timeless!

Most of our attention  over the last few weeks  has now turned to the inside of our houses  and  possibly holiday preparations. I hate to take my fall mantle accessories down  because they look so great and I’m not quite ready to  drag the umpteen boxes I have of  Christmas decorations out of the basement. I’m hoping to post some pictures in the not too distant future from a photographer friend of mine once  my house is fully  completed. One of the downfalls of being a home stager and decorator is not only do I change my cushions but also chairs and  artwork get rotated as well. I do have a few cushions in my basement to choose from …last count 125 pillows!

source pinterest

Can’t wait to check out the great inspiration from Pinterest

Happy Friday! and just don’t tell my husband he was right!