Regular readers might wonder what engagements and bridal showers have to do with home staging and décor and design. New visitors – including those that just read the headline about “Brides to be” might also be wondering. Well, I am so excited I can’t wait to explain!

This year promises to be full of new adventures for the recently engaged and by the way – Congratulations!

Now is the time for you to make some significant life decisions, not the least of which will involve colour. You’ll need to decide on an overall theme for your wedding, the colour of your flowers, décor and bridesmaid’s dresses and so much more. That’s where we come in. The team here at Home Dream Designs KNOWS colour.  Boy, do we know colour. What’s more, we are uniquely positioned to help you determine the best use of colour throughout every stage of your wedding planning adventure, from the aforementioned bridesmaid’s dresses, to bridal showers, flowers, and even suggestions for your home décor and seasonal plantings around the house. Allow me to explain.

In most cases, the bride will be wearing traditional white and what better way to help ensure a bride stands out than to position her against the bold and beautiful hues of her bridal party. Plenty goes into considering what colour works best for a wedding so right off the top, we thought you might like to know the top colour choices of the three most well known trend-setting colour makers out there: Pantone, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams.

Pantone says purple is the colour of 2018. An ultra-violet, “provocative” purple that leaves you thinking of the future. Perfect for the bride and groom who are planning ahead for an entire lifetime! If purple alone is too bold a choice or might not suit the colouring of some members of your bridal party – think accents like a belt, tie, pocket square, hairpiece, shoes or flowers. For the spring bride, plant beautiful deep purple pansies in the garden (or in lush, large planters) for your outdoor “before you head to the church” photos. Doing so will ensure both you and your home are groomed and ready for the wedding day! Invite the Home Dream Design team into your space to plan and create beautiful décor for your bridal shower in this colour scheme.  We have a variety of items in almost every hue and pattern, promising to “pump up” any home with décor that just magically matches your overall colour choice. Talk about coordination!

For the truly adventuresome or for the Valentine bride, Benjamin Moore has named Caliente as the colour of 2018, a bold and lush red that leaves you feeling strong, radiant and full of energy. What bride wouldn’t want to be seen as strong and radiant? Obviously red roses come to mind but so too do Anthuriums – a particularly bold statement of a flower that would really mark your march down the aisle as something spectacular. Creating themed décor for the home is simple with so many accent pieces available in a broad range of reds.  To be clear – we’re not suggesting you go out and buy a red couch just for the sake of your bridal pictures but wouldn’t “pops” of red courtesy of a vase, throw pillows or even an accent rug look fantastic? Ask us how we can make it happen.

Last but certainly not least is Sherwin-Williams who have pronounced “Oceanside” to be the 2018 colour of the year. Described as a beautiful blue-green hue (think Caribbean Sea) you’ll be left feeling “beachy” with this colour tone. Summer brides (or those planning a destination wedding) this one is for you! With our stable of accent pieces, furniture and even artwork, we can transform any living room, dining room or bedroom into a perfect backdrop that reflects your bridal colours. Think about your photo albums and how even the “before” wedding photos will fit in with your overall wedding theme.  If you’re the Mom of the bride and hosting a wedding shower extravaganza, let Home Dream Designs stage your home for the big day. We’ll style it using the beachy blues, sea shells and azure accent pieces that best suit both your existing home décor and the brides own colour schematic.

In short, staging, design and colour are our areas of expertise and helping brides to stage, design and add colour to one of the most important days of their life is something we consider a privilege. The Home Dream Designs team has everything you need to help make all your wedding dreams come true – from “picture-perfect” backgrounds, to stunning shower décor and more. Whether you’re feeling provocatively purple, radiantly red or beautifully blue, let the Home Dream Designs team help you!

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