Fall is a glorious time of year. The sun still offers warmth along with its shine, burnishing everything with a beautiful, coppery glow. Speaking of copper, it’s just one of the many “warm” colours associated with fall. With these thoughts in mind and putting the outdoor activities of summer behind us, many think of fall as a wonderful time to renovate and renew their indoor living spaces. For me, just picturing the sunlight streaming through the window of a kitchen and glowing off a copper kettle or bowl, is inspiring. Copper is all the rage right now, its warm tones matching perfectly with a beautiful fall day. What are you inspired by? Let’s talk fall renovations.


Fall is the perfect time to paint. The heat of the summer is gone and unlike winter, you can keep the windows open for ventilation while you work. That sunlight we mentioned earlier? It provides great natural lighting as you work and will truly give you a good sense of the colour you’ve chosen and will help highlight any areas requiring touch up. Those warmer fall colours certainly provide oodles of inspiration but don’t forget to consider lighting, the size of your room and whether the colours you’ve chosen will blend well with other living areas. Painting the walls a rich, golden brown might be too dark in cramped quarters and while burnt orange is a beautiful leaf colour it could be overwhelming in your kitchen. Think of both the form and function of the room and the flow of rooms in your home. In general, you don’t want to create stark contrasts between spaces that abut one another. Current “hot-button” colours include:

  • Grey-tinged pink or cameo pink
  • Corn silk yellow
  • Greens ranging from olive to deep foliage/forest
  • Slate blues
  • Aubergine (though probably in small doses!)
  • Soft whites

Coper vase on richly painted wall

For many of us, some of these “bolder” hues are simply too overwhelming but the beauty of staging and renovating your home is that you can do as much or as little as meets your comfort level! Be bold in a small space or on only one wall. Consider a more neutral paint and instead get your splashes of colour from a pumpkin orange pillow arrangement, fall coloured flowers in sumptuous bronze or copper vases or from throws and blankets in rich creamy beiges and caramel tones.


Renovations in the fall also help our frame of mind as we prepare to “hunker down” for those long, cold wintry nights. What better time than in the fall to create living spaces that will keep us cozy and comfortable throughout the winter. Things to consider when renovating include:

  • Who will do the work? Are you willing to put in some elbow grease or would you rather hire contractors?
  • How much should you spend? Consider that things like kitchens and bathrooms almost always increase the value of a home so you might want to invest more in those areas.
  • Budget – create a budget and then allow for some wiggle room for those unexpected glitches.
  • Time – be realistic about the amount of time your project might take and schedule accordingly. Even a simple room reno that only involves paint still requires taping, furniture removal or covering, putting down dropsheets, preparation of materials, switch plate and light plate removal and more. Avoid frustrating delays by planning ahead.


Inspired yet? Perhaps pour yourself a rich and creamy pumpkin spiced latte and curl up in the room you plan to renovate. Savour and be inspired by the flavours as you contemplate the various options for your space. Imagine sitting in that same room once its complete, fall sun streaming in, warming both you and the room. Now take a mental snapshot and start planning!


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