Guest Post 
About the Author – Samantha (Sam) Kent is a researcher for Her favorite writing topic is how getting enough sleep can improve your life. Currently residing in Boise, Idaho, she sleeps in a California King bed, often with a cat on her face. 

Is there a spring in your step but none left in your mattress? Maybe it’s time for a new one??

You’ve finally gotten to a place where you have the desire to turn your extra room into a guest bedroom. That, of course, requires a little bit of redesigning and finding the best mattress for most of your friends. The good news is, designing and reorganizing your space into a guest bedroom can be the most fun part of having guests! Whether you’re working to redesign your space for your guest’s personal use, or creating a staging aesthetic to help sell your home, there are three things you’ll need to keep an eye on.

The Mattress:
The mattress is honestly the most important part of a bedroom, especially if you intend it for use with your friends and family. A well-rested guest is the best kind.

You will want to get a high-quality mattress that is durable enough to hold your sleeping family and friends for years to come. However, you also probably don’t want to spend a ton of money on it since it’s not going to be used as often as your own bed. These days you can find a mattress for under $500 online, which is still a step up from that air mattress you probably used to use.  

Mattresses are rated on a scale of 1 to 10 for firmness, with a 1 being incredibly soft and a 10 being incredibly firm. Most people sleep best between a 5 and 7 on the scale. If you know that one of your friends needs a softer mattress, you can also add a softer mattress topper that can be added or removed depending on your guest’s needs.

Make sure that the materials your mattress is made out of, especially its support core, are all high quality. Do your research on the gauge of the coils, if you go with an innerspring model, or the density of the form and the thickness of the comfort layers on a foam model.

The Color Palette:
Since it will function as a guest bedroom, you will want to keep the color palette and decorations mostly neutral. If you want an accent color to pop in this space, use it three times. White sheets and comforter have been shown to be the most inviting when it comes to staging.

Since you want it to be a bedroom, experts recommend that you use a soft blue wall color. It’s been found to have a positive effect on human blood pressure and heart rate. Avoid bright, satin-sheened paints and lean towards soft matte ones to make the room feel cozy.

The Staging:
For those of you working to sell your home, staging can help people see past the homeowner’s clutter to the bones of the house itself. Staging well can generate interest in your home by showing off its potential as a Pinterest-ready home, and drive up the buying price. It doesn’t take a lot to glam up your space.

Like with the color palette, you’ll want to keep the extra decorations fairly neutral. Subtle changes, like adding a headboard, mirrors or color-coordinated pillow shams, can pull a bedroom’s aesthetic together. Try and make sure that the room doesn’t feel cluttered since that will both make the room look smaller and make it harder for people to sleep in.

To make the best impression on potential buyers, you can enlist the help of a professional home stager. They can often supply the knowledge (and sometimes the accessories) you need to make your guest bedroom really shine.