I’m very excited that I have been asked to stage  a property in a older mature area of Brampton this month. It has been undergoing extensive renovations by the amazing team of Once Upon A Reno and will be featured in an upcoming Cityline program about home staging.  The house has had flooring, painting, landscaping, you name it,  the works and will be ready to be put on the market in early  to mid-September .

I am often asked by home staging and redesign clients how to cost effectively update the look of an old home.  My number one tip for updating your home is changing the paint colour. If you are renovating to sell. I would recommend changing any colours that are very dark or too trendy or very taste specific. Personally, I love purple, my husband would probably say a little too much. If I had purple walls in my house, which I don’t , okay just the guest bedroom .I would recommend changing them to a more neutral colour .  Early in my home staging career I had gone to a consultation only to find the homeowner  just finishing painting the walls bright yellow. Now that’s a statement!yello living room

He flatly stated he wasn’t going to repaint so we definitely had to incorporate that colour into our design concept . Luckily the home was being listed in the fall and we could incorporate some warms fall tones , the  result was amazing. The home sold  in two weeks  for 102% of the asking price AND  with multiple offers.   

 The grey trend is still very popular and works well  as a neutral, as a  foundation  with so many other colours.  My favorite combos right now are pale blues , soft greens and neutrals like the ones in this photo from pinterest.

grey paint combo

If you are not going to paint yourself, be sure to hire a reputable painter to complete the job. I’m often asked if the painter I recommend is cheap. This always makes me laugh..do you want cheap or good. I’d rather have good. I was helping a recent home staging client prepare for a sale and she was having some issues with a friends paint job. Apparently latex paint was put over oil paint  without a primer and after about two years the new paint colour was peeing off …like I said cheap does not = good.

If your home décor is stuck in 1985 and need some help we do 2015!

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