The weather might still be a little cooler outside, in fact in my neck of the woods we recently had snow yet again, yes – even though it’s April. However, just about everywhere you go “on the inside,” you’ll be surrounded by the lighter, cooler, fresher tones of spring. So, along with shedding your winter coat, it’s time to shed some winter weight – and I’m not talking about your body!

Spring is a time for renewal and a refresh. Take a walk around any of your local nurseries, home goods stores and even those that cater to the “crafty” crowd and you will be instantly immersed in signs of spring. This year, the colours are gorgeous! Everywhere you go you will see muted palettes of blush pink, turquoise and “baby” blue and a shade of green that I absolutely love…pale, almost “almond wedding favour” minty and distressed looking. These are the kinds of colours that just make you feel happy inside. There are even shades of grey this year that are quite lovely (and I’m not talking about “50 Shades” of grey!) They are colours that make a statement but not in a bold, “in your face” style but rather, in a manner that is inviting and encourages the eye to roam around your space one vignette at a time, quietly enjoying and appreciating your carefully placed spring décor.

So – how do you incorporate spring’s muted palette without breaking your budget? Start by shedding the winter weight. We touched on this a little bit last month, but a reminder seems appropriate. Pack up those heavy winter fur blankets that currently drape across your sofa and put away some of your candles – perhaps switching them out for just one or two lighter scented and lighter coloured versions.  No need for tablecloths, let your tables go “naked” or buy spring shaded place mats to use just at dinner time if you’re concerned about spills, nicks or scratches.  Tidy up your fireplace and if it was a real wood burning unit, have the chimney cleaned too. If gas or electric, consider a clear or pastel hued vase full of recently bloomed willow branches placed in front to help create the indoor illusion of spring.

Don’t go out and buy a whole new “wardrobe” for your house. After all, in March we focused on decluttering. However, selecting just a few small pieces in these beautiful new shades of spring will help to create that fresher, lighter look you seek. With “naked” tables and a small, “almond mint” coloured jug full of fresh flowers, things are already looking up!

Consider having art that changes with the seasons but still matches your décor. What better way to change up the look of your space than replacing that delightful winter scene with a lovely floral print. Many folks don’t consider this and it’s a fairly easy way to update your space. Stop thinking of art as “permanent.” Some pieces certainly are and no doubt you selected them to make a statement or because they reminded you of something special but often we buy an art piece simply because it “matches” our décor. If that’s the case, chances are, with a bit of effort, you’ll find pieces that both match your home, the layout AND which also scream “spring” or “fall” or “winter.” So go ahead and buy art for art’s sake and change things up!

If you really want your home to say “spring” – hang (or place on a console table) one of those cute little grey, distressed chalkboard signs right in your entryway with a great, welcoming message for your family and guests. “Hello Spring” will do, chances are it will instantly lift the spirits. Go ahead – try it! We think you’ll like it….. Happy Spring!

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