Finally summer has arrived and we’re  all trying not to complain about it being too hot after that long cold   seemingly never ending winter we had!  We can put away those  heavy throw blankets and  freshen up the inside  décor at this time of year by  replacing some of your darker coloured  accessories like throw pillows  or small accents with something light and bright. I recently changed the dark royal purple pillows I had on my chocolate brown sofa in my great room in Caledon for a nice fresh spring green. It made a huge difference with just a little investment. I’m loving the interaction of the purple with the green and the “greige” walls, and it still works with my other accessories that are up all year long like artwork and larger staple or foundation pieces.


I  love helping my clients in my home-staging and redesign business based in the Caledon, Brampton and GTA areas,  freshen up their spaces with little touches that can be achieved on a tight budget.

I recently staged a house in the Bolton area, a family of four , six if you include their furry friend and one fish with a crooked tail had grown out of their existing space. In most cases families understand the premise of home staging but they still have a hard time investing money into the spaces that they are selling. I work with these clients and make subtle changes with minimal investment to help get their homes show home ready.  One of the benefits of home staging is that  it helps to limit the effective of having your home on the market for a long period of time  and lessens the interruption to your family routines. Nobody likes to be called away from the dinner table to have to vacate during a showing, and it’s hard  enough to get a busy family out the door in the morning  and let alone  making sure the house is spotless!

And the basement gets a pop of colour!


The real  market is still going strong in the GTA and surrounding areas  but your home needs to look it’s best . If it’s not ready for it’s close up I can help!