It might be a “Hallmark Holiday” but February is a time for love and family.  With Valentine’s to celebrate, Family Day to cherish, and the weather outside still cold, hearth and home continues to be an important theme for this time of year. What’s trending in February and what do you need to know about home care during this time of year? Consider these two little tips: Pops of red and time to redecorate the bed. (Bedroom that is!)


February can indeed be a bit of a downer. What better way to spruce up the house, adding some love and light, than by adding just a few pops of colour? Since red is a Valentine favourite, add some splashes of red to liven up the house on those dull, grey, February days.  Now, let’s be clear, I’m not suggesting big heart-shaped pillows or a house festooned with pink and red garland. Just a few simple touches done with a light hand will achieve the balance I’m suggesting.  Perhaps consider a grouping of three red candles of varying heights, resting on a corner counter-top or mantelpiece to bring both warmth and red to the room. One or two throw cushions, in red or burgundy, or simply trimmed with red, placed on your furniture and mixed in with your regular neutral décor can be lovely. Couple these with a lovely warm dark red or burgundy throw that will add some oomph to your ottoman. It doesn’t take much and if budget is a concern, now might be the time to invest in some plain throw cushions with covers that can be switched up with the seasons.  Start your collection slowly and build your colour options over time so that by year end you have cushions for every time of year. Lastly, a vase full of flowers (hint, like red roses) will always add some colour and beauty to any room. Treat yourself rather than waiting for anyone else to buy them for you!

Valentines bedroom decor, home decor idea

Moving away from the family living space, now it’s time to consider “romancing the bedroom.” Is the love affair with your bedroom over? Are your curtains tired and your bedspread or duvet flat or pilling? If you, your bedroom and your significant other are all in a winter rut now is the perfect time to paint. Consider the main purpose of your bedroom. OK, that might seem obvious but for many of us the bedroom is no longer just a place to sleep – it is in fact a retreat from the everyday and perhaps a retreat from our children!


Do you love to read but never find alone time in the living areas of your home? Consider creating a small reading nook. There are so many chairs in a variety of sizes to choose from and a side table can be tiny and round not big and bulky. Large enough to hold a table lamp, a mug of tea and your book is all you really need. Whether your room is small or spacious, with a bit of effort you can find something appropriate. Maybe your bedroom also has an ensuite. If that’s the case you want to be sure your colour scheme runs into both rooms ensuring they are complementary not contradictory! For the budget conscious, as with my suggestion about throw pillows, consider purchasing a good quality duvet in a neutral cream or white and then adding colour through your choice of duvet covering.  In this way, by painting the room in neutral tones, you can add to or change the colour of your bed coverings according to the seasons or as your tastes shift.


Draperies too should always be neutral. By keeping your more expensive pieces like furnishings, draperies and bedding neutral you can change pillows, throws, accent rugs and even artwork to reflect the seasons or small changes in your décor colour preferences, all without breaking the bank.


Family time is special time and any reason to celebrate with your significant other, “hallmark holiday” or not, should be embraced. If it’s cold outside and you’ve got the winter blahs, consider these tips to help brighten and lighten the mood! Happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy Family Day!