With the onset of summer, the lucky ones amongst us will be setting off on some kind of travel adventure, capturing some special time with family and friends as we take a well-earned vacation from work and everyday responsibilities. Travel is a luxury indeed and sometimes, when we travel, we find ourselves more willing to also indulge in other little luxuries we might otherwise avoid – like buying beautiful “objet d’art.” If we’re not careful though, you might find you’ve arrived home with a houseful of useless clutter!

Summer also represents a light and fresh approach to home décor. Just as we switch to lighter clothing, so too do we switch out to lighter fabrics, pillows, vases, candle holders and more, employing lighter décor elements in both our indoor and outdoor spaces. This provides us with all the more reason you don’t want to find yourself returning from that European excursion or cross Canada adventure with too many tschotchkes in tow.

As you would with any piece of home décor you are thinking of adding to your living space, think about what I like to call the “POV” factor. What is the Purpose of the item, what space will it Occupy in your home and what is the Value it adds. By this, I mean really think about the worth of the item before trying to find room in your luggage for it. If its purpose is to remind you of the trip itself, would a photograph be better? If you want to bring home a piece of Paris, where will that iconic Eiffel Tower sit in your home taking up valuable real estate? Does it just become another dust catcher? Instead, could you bring home something that isn’t so obviously French and/or that takes up less space? Does this kind of tschotchke even “fit” with the rest of your home décor? Finally, think about the value it adds. By this we mean not necessarily to the value of your home but to your enjoyment of it, or to the enhancement of your trip’s memories. If you feel strongly that the “objet” of your desire will ADD to your already existing room décor and/or that it will bring back treasured memories – go ahead and make the purchase. If you are simply caught up in a touristy moment, consider a picture instead and put away your wallet!

This might be as appropriate a time as any to quote Marie Kondo: does the item your considering bringing home “spark joy?” You work hard year round not only for your vacation but also for the home you have taken the time to carefully curate. You agonized over the perfect shade of gray for your living room and experienced angst over selecting art for your family room. Don’t buy a lovely hand-carved wooden piece of “Canadiana” while your camping only to be stuck trying to find a home for it in your beautifully planned out space. Just like summer, employ the “less is more” approach – whether that’s for the fabrics you wear, the furniture in your home or the tschotchkes you choose!

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