I found myself in Home sense last week yet again , trusty Starbucks latte in hand  in search of just the right pillow for a home staging client. I had looked through my inventory of pillows that very morning and still couldn’t seem to find the right pillow. Now mind you I have about 50 + pillows to choose from… When I am staging a home for sale no matter if it’s located in Brampton,Caledon or anywhere in the GTA I usually bring about 20 -25 pillows per home. It’s a challenge on may occasions to find pillows that compliment the homeowners existing furniture. In a ideal world we can rent the perfect sofa for a room but that doesn’t always happen in real life!

This boring beige sofa went from bland to grand with the addition of some great throw cushions with texture and coordinating art work


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This client’s home in Alliston had a great neutral sofa and a beautiful carpet. I added a pop of red to tie into the carpet and created a cozy conversation corner.

 Etsy    www.etsy.com as I’ve mentioned before is a great resource for pillows that are unique and that you won’t find at your big box retailer. All products are hand made by artisans and ship with in a few weeks, the colour options are endless.

So If you should see my at a local retail  store with a cart load of pillows say hi, but just don’t tell my husband!