happy family having fun with a barrow in a greenhouse

Well now that summer is officially here or so says the calendar! I think many of us would agree that the weather has been un-summer-like-so-far. Hopefully with the arrival of July we will start to have more of the kick-back take your shoes off and have a cold drink days. The arrival of summer  can also mean the arrival of overnight  family and friends at your home or cottage.  I live  about 40 mins north of Toronto in the midst of  Caledon, Bolton and slightly south of Orangeville, so for me my home is my cottage . I  will be hosting a few family members from overseas this summer and always like to be prepared and pamper my guests when they stay with me . A few special touches like a cozy fresh white robe and slippers hanging on the back of the guest bedroom door. Or spraying my bed linens with fresh scent that helps you sleep. Little soap or toiletries in a little basket in the bathroom in case your guest have forgot something, helps your guests  feel welcome and spoiled. Now, not so spoiled that they don’t want to leave mind you!

I read an article on apartment therapy that had 5 top tips to do before your overnight guests arrive:

1) Thoroughly clean the space their going to be staying in before they arrive

2) Make stuff accessible…. leave out a pretty soap and a fresh hand towel in the room they are staying in

3)Make the place smell nice …make sure there’s no weird musty smell or last night’s dinner hanging around

4) Do a quick tidy of the rest of your space …focus on the hot spots in your home, sofa, coffee table, kitchen counters

5) Add a finishing touch …In my home staging, décor  and redesign business in the GTA, Caledon, Bolton ( technically Caledon also) and Orangeville, I’m all about the finishing touch or what I like to call the wow factor ! Create some …usually fresh flowers will do the trick. A nice candle,  fresh throw  pillows on the bed ,  a little treat in the on the pillow in the bedroom or  even a spare coffee machine and cups on a cute little table or tray. That way if you want to sleep in the guests can take care of themselves!

Enjoy the summer and if you need any help creating wow factor in your home I’m only a phone call away.

Angela ♥