I recently did a consultation for a young family  in the Brampton area for a mid priced single family  home in the mid 300,000.   The realtor that contacted me is one I’ve worked with  from the Georgetown area on several homes in my Home Staging and Redesign business, many of the them on the higher end of the home market price point. I think people have the misconception that staging only helps homes in the higher price range . It helps whether the home is 200,000 or 1000,000 dollars. I help home owners create better traffic patterns in their homes, remove distractions so potential buyers focus on the property and maximize the existing furnishing and other  items in their home to best highlight their property.  This was a young family that had to move due to family illness. I get a bit of a wake up call when this happens , my personal history with moving has always had a positive note, a  new job, a growing family…but this isn’t always the case . The realtor shared with me that the family was having to move in with their  family  due to an insurance claim regarding a car accident that was taking over 3 years to settle. She furthered explained that there was no room in the budget for any staging services. I was up for the challenge and glad to help a family in need! During my 1.5 hour consultation I talked with the family and the realtor as how to create  great traffic flow  in the existing living room and make it appear as spacious as possible In the main floor bathroom a medicine cabinet was missing a door , I suggested that they remove all the personal toiletries and add some fresh towels, candles, sea shells or small figurines from other areas of the house to make this look more like a feature as opposed to a negative .

It started me thinking what would be the top three areas that I would ask a family to invest “sweat equity” in??

1) Clean, clean clean …I can’t say this enough …the home needs to be clean from top to bottom, including windows, inside and out, light fixtures with cobwebs and walls with messy fingerprints


2) Less is sometimes better than more. Removing personal photos and having a nice clean space is more preferable to too many knick knacks and distractions for potential buyers enhanced-24062-1415139895-9


3) Create good traffic patterns throughout the house to highlight space. This usually involves removing furniture pieces that may be oversized for a  room, like the giant TV and occasional chair.

cluttered images


Staged homes look better no matter what the price point of the home. Find out how we can help get your property sold !

Angela ♥