Renovating your outdoor space is a thing! Yes it is! Everything needs a little refresh this time of year and why should the outside of our home be any different from the inside? Planters, outdoor table wear, new seat cushions and of course, flowers – lots and lots of flowers. It’s time to think “outside the box” and think about your outdoor décor options.


Almost every home has an outdoor space.  Big or small, patio or deck, balcony or poolside we all have a space that we look forward to spending time in as we soak up some of that long sought after summer sunshine. While you and I both know that the sun and the green grass and blue sky should be enough to satisfy – there is also something inspirational about each of these natural elements and there’s no reason we can’t bring some of that inspiration into our outdoor space when it comes to adding a few little touches of décor. So, without further ado, here’s what to do to liven up the outdoors in case they’re not lively enough already! 


  • If you have the advantage of a balcony, invest in a little bistro set and bring Paris home to your perch. Bistros are just the right size for a balcony and bright, comfy seat cushions, combined with a similarly coloured pot of flowers on the table, will really perk up what is typically a very small space.  If you can, you might also want to keep an eye out for a lovely but smaller piece of wall art to bring life to the bricks that probably form the backdrop of your balcony. If there is still room, a small topiary style tree at either end brings some foliage into the picture without a lot of mess that sometimes happens when flowers die off and “deadheads” litter the space.


  • For those with a little more room, a deck or small patio off your townhome for example, the trick here is to still keep things small.  A smaller table and chairs, circular in shape, goes a long way to creating visual space while still allowing for seating and an outdoor meal. Glass topped might be better than wood to continue the light and airy theme and if space is at a premium, choose a table that has the umbrella located in the middle of the table.  Umbrellas in beautiful bright colours are an easy way to add pop to a small patio. Consider some potted plants to define the borders of the patio and add yet more colour. Extra seating can be obtained by utilizing a nicely designed storage box that serves as a space for pillows and garden hoses but is strong enough to withstand Uncle Phil or Aunt Joan taking a seat on it when they come to visit.


  • For those with a larger area to play with, the sky is the limit. There are so many beautiful outdoor couches, tables, rocking chairs and more and so many budget price options that for you, that optimizing space isn’t as much of a consideration as simply finding that item that is “just right” for your space.  With larger square footage you can consider things like “off setting” your umbrella, buying a very large “swing-style” unit that provides great sun protection while not crowding out the centre of your table. Consider having on hand enough seating for your own family and at least two guests readily available. Perhaps you have a storage space available nearby for a few extra folding style chairs for when it’s time to party. In our travels we’ve also seen some great outdoor “bars” or “pub style” stand up furniture that provide a great place for people to congregate or lean against! As with smaller spaces, the trick to brightening up ANY space is to coordinate your décor pieces like cushions, table wear and placemats. Any colour is king these days so don’t be afraid to go bright. If you have plenty of covered space be sure to incorporate lots of candles for colour during the day and romantic mood lighting at night.  Hurricane lanterns abound and look fabulous when placed around a deck. Again, plenty of pots of beautiful coloured flowers are essential. Finally, don’t be afraid to take the indoor out.  There are lovely shelving options available for the outdoors and plenty of décor items made of heavy stone and plaster that look gorgeous but can withstand heavy winds on a stormy day.


There is so much to talk about in terms of the outdoors I feel like there is at least another blog’s worth of conversation. We haven’t even talked porches and plantings yet! Perhaps it’s best to leave that for another day however.  After all, I’m hoping I’ve inspired you and if it’s a sunny day then you have some shopping to do and some decorating to get done. Get outside – “Carpe Diem” and we’ll “chat” again soon.


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