Last week I talked about the importance of colour to update  a home prior to sale . It’s also important once that new paint job is completed that you change any light fixtures that have yellowed or were  painted the same colour as the old wall color or any cutesy theme switch covers, including ones that may have been wallpapered to match the old décor. My feelings is choose something simple and plain and cohesive for the home. Timeless and classic is definitely the way to go! This statement is a basis for so many of my designs!

This month’s tip for a budget friendly update is changing old worn out flooring.  There are so many types of flooring on the market and if you keep an eye on your local flyers I’m sure you will find something that’s budget friendly.  

A few readily available  options  including some pro’s and con’s are as follows :

  • Ceramic or porcelain tile– very durable but the grout can attract stains and things like plates or glasses will break if dropped on it
  • Floating wood tile -this is the new kid on the block and is installed easily, is stain resistant and easy to clean
  • Carpethelps to act as insulation and sound proofing but stains easily and wears out quickly in high traffic areas
  • Hardwood Flooring -very durable and can be refinished easily, add a luxurious feel but tends to be more costly than other options
  • Engineered or Laminate Flooring-works really well in basements and is moisture resistant, not as durable as solid hardwood flooring .
  • Bamboo-ultra durable and adds a modern aesthetic to spaces , it’s also easy to install and hypo-allergenic.It is vulnerable to sunlight and will fade over time.
  • Cork- very durable and eco-friendly as well as mildew and stain resistant, generally more expensive option and needs to be finished properly to avoid moisture damage.
  • Stone– this option encompasses granite, marble, limestone and slate- generally a more expensive option and labor intensive. Improves with age…hey that’s just like me! It adds an earthy aesthetic that is timeless and classic. (there’s those two words again)

Many of these floors can be installed in a weekend by someone who is handy, but the same goes for the paint option if you are NOT handy hire a professional!   Flooring definitely makes a big impact when selling your home . I had a home staging client that instead of removing the old worn parquet flooring we put new laminate flooring on top. Voila! looked gorgeous and almost matched the rest of this home ‘s  hardwood flooring , thereby reducing the investment the homeowner made prior to sale. 

And now the best part the pictures!

  Check back for next week’s tip # 3, my favorite kitchen’s!