I can’t tell you how many times I am invited in to a home for a home staging consultation and when we get to the kitchen, I’m left shaking my head. The kitchen is the heart of the home, every chefs dream whether they are male or female is born here  and sometimes sadly dies in the kitchen.

My top 3 quick updates for a kitchen are   freshly painted cabinetry, new countertops and  updated hardware. If the budget is very limited and the kitchen is a disaster I recommend at a minimum to paint and replace cabinet hardware, a very cost effective quick fix that can be accomplished in a weekend.  There is also a few products on the market that can freshen up a dated countertop. I’m staging a home reno project completed by the “Once Upon A Reno ” team  in Brampton that’s going to be featured on an upcoming Cityline episode . The worn countertop in the basement was given a facelift with a Rustoleum product called Countertop Transformations®   If countertops are  in really bad shape or dated they should be replaced as well. Laminate is a good choice for a budget friendly update but granite and man-made stone  still tops everyone’s wish list when purchasing a new home.   It’s sometimes possible to buy a left over slab piece of granite if the job is a small one and help reduce the costs. Today’s home buyer wants shiny and new they don’t want other people’s dirt.

You might be asking yourself , so what colour should we paint the cabinets? If the aesthetics of your home are white and by that I mean the door trim and baseboard trim than a white kitchen is timeless and classic . ( psst my two favorite words again ) If the aesthetics of the home are cream then a colour in the cream family is the way to go. Here’s a couple of examples from pinterest of some painted cabinets. I’m loving the dark grey cabinetry but think it may be a fad??

And lastly change the hardware on the doors to match the updated cabinetry. I recommend something in a pewter or brushed nickel finish, looks great with stainless steel or white appliances and adds a modern aesthetic. Replacement hardware can be purchased fairly inexpensively from places like Home Depot or Lowe’s  and of course Kijjiji is a source for slightly used items that might work.

Need help deciding where to begin your update or reno …I may know someone.