With the cooler weather now upon us we are spending more and more time indoors. The bathroom is always a busy spot in any home and needs to be both functional and practical. However, that doesn’t have to mean utilitarian! Cooler nights mean it’s a great time to consider a soothing, hot bath at the end of a long day. How to blend zen with utilitarian? Read on!


No matter what size your bathroom is, the number one tip for making a bathroom “zen” lies in getting organized. Cluttered countertops are hard to clean, leaving you feeling frazzled in your constant search for hair ties, lotion or toothpaste and that one tube of lipstick you most prefer amongst the 10 lying around! Even with minimal cupboard or storage space you can maximize what you have by using baskets, store purchased storage bins and units or by installing shelving inside your cupboards. Then, take the time to find a home for everything leaving the items used most frequently close by and easily accessible. If space is at a premium store larger items like cleaning products, toilet paper and towels in your linen closet and only bring them out as needed. Consider purchasing wall mounted cabinetry with a mirror so that you have both a place to store makeup/small toiletry items and a mirror for use when applying it! Dollar stores are a great place to pick up little glass containers you can keep inside the cabinet to stand make-up brushes, lipstick tubes and mascara in. Such cabinets can often be sourced from local big box retailers at reasonable prices and you can always customize them yourself by changing out things like the door handles. Of course, they are also a great place to store medicines out of reach of little ones..



Whether you have a soaker tub or a standard one, jacuzzi jets or make your own bubbles, there are still ways to make your bathtub inviting. Consider installing dimmer switches on your lighting fixtures so that you have the flexibility of bright light when you need it and soothing low light when its time to relax. Keep a small basket with a couple of candles (and a lighter) in your linen closet so that you can create instant zen without having to search the house for these items. Making things easy and accessible is the name of the game here. You might even want to slip a little treat or two (something like hard candy that won’t go stale) into your basket so that you have something to enjoy while in the tub. It goes without saying that if you are so inclined make sure you also have a glass of wine!


Another tip for keeping bathrooms feeling spa-like is to focus on neutrals and invest in luxuries that really matter and that get used every day like beautiful, thick towels. Choose white.  White goes with whatever paint colour you currently have and when budget allows, will still match whatever new colours you choose for your bathroom down the road. Plus, they are easier to keep clean with a touch of bleach in your laundry whenever necessary. Keep a “family-sized” squeeze bottle of soap for every day use but indulge in small guilty pleasures like a beautiful bar of soap that smells heavenly and is just for you.


Finally, do something unique.  Often we are tempted to hang “kitschy” bathroom décor items that literally “scream” bathroom. Instead install one piece of carefully chosen art that resonates. Beautiful art doesn’t have to be expensive it just has to speak to you. Imagine soaking in your bathtub, calm and surrounded by bubbles and focusing on a lovely piece of art that inspires you. That should help create some zen for you..….at least until the kids come knocking on the door!


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